Thanksgiving for $31

Can you really put out a Thanksgiving spread for $31? Yes, you can! Thanks to Aldi’s fantastic prices. As you may have noticed, I love Aldi. And no, I do not work for Aldi and I get no compensation from them. I just really think Aldi is the best way to stretch a buck.

So, how do you do Thanksgiving for so cheap? Here’s how:

You’ll be having turkey with plenty of leftovers, gravy, baked sweet potatoes with butter, stuffing, crescent rolls, green beans, and pumpkin pie with whipped topping.


$15        Whole Turkey 99¢ per lb.

99¢        Sweet Potatoes 3 lb. bag   

$2.89     Butter   

79¢ x2   Stuffing Mix

.89¢ x2  Turkey Gravy 

1.09 x2  Canned Crescent Rolls

1.29 x2  Frozen Green Beans

2.99       Pumpkin Pie

.79         Whipped topping


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